For me, going to training is going to work. I am in a fortunate position; and I’ve been working towards this for 17 years! Obviously, I have other ‘work’ in KimFit and I thought I could share some of my workout essentials with readers. So if you’re wondering how I keep my body in one piece training five days a week 8am-3pm read on; I’ll share my secrets!

I am pretty routined and rely heavily on the products below to get me through the week/training block/life in general! Some things I am very specific about whilst others are essential in what they are but I’m not fussy about the brand!


  1. Tupperware! Throwback a while to when Tupperware was all the range – what a time to live; I’d personally be well up for a Tupperware party! Food prep is a big deal for me; it saves a lot of money and I know what I am eating! My favourite brands are Sistema (pictured) because they’re so functional; no leaks and every size and shape you could think of! I also have a set which all fit into one another from Happy Jackson which I love because they’re fun and a bit smaller which makes them perfect for my second breakfast of three Weetabix!
  1. Trainers (top picture). So an obvious one but essential so worthy of a mention as I live my life in them. I’ve been through many a trainer in my time but I am currently favouring the Boost range from Adidas. They are just so comfy and make you feel super bouncy which I like because it brings back my long jump days. I have three pairs at the moment! Two pairs of glide boost (one pair is pink; awesome colours!) and a revenergy pair which are slightly more robust!
  1. Dairy (yes dairy). Food again; it’s a big part of my world. My training involves a lot of high-intensity, muscle damaging work so protein is a big part of my recovery strategy. Rather than pay lots of money for protein powder and risk contamination I get my fill post-session using dairy products, predominantly via eggs and milk. I’ll generally have either a pint of milk or three eggs (on toast) after an intense session, and four pints of milk is a pound so to me it’s a no brainer.


  1. Sports bra. Like trainers, I live in sports bras. I have a variety of brands but I’d say Shock Absorber or UnderArmour do the best ones support wise. For ladies, there really is no excuse for not investing (yes, they’re expensive) in a decent sports bra. I mean, no one wants premature saggy boob do they? The day I forget a sports bra is a bad day! You really notice how it affects your training; I feel self-conscious and uncomfortable meaning I don’t attend to training like I should. Plus, because they’re pretty tight it feels awesome when you take them off!


5. BetterYou Magnesium Flakes. These are a fairly recent discovery; I used them for the first time in February this year on a skeleton sliding camp. When I’m super sore or tired I run a bath and chuck some in. The results are ace; the next day I feel less sore and rejuvenated. Obviously some soreness remains; but I am always really impressed and relieved at the results. How do they work? Well, you lose magnesium when you sweat and these flakes replenish it via transdermal (skin) absorption. You don’t notice them in the water; I’d also recommend some bubbles and a candle to create a relaxing mood!IMG_2238-1

6. Powerbands. These are the really thick elastic bands you sometimes see people using in gyms. As an athlete I will always have parts of my body which don’t function as I’d like them to. At the moment these areas are my hips and ankles; using a powerband to mobilise them helps me maintain a range of motion that I need for my training. They’re also fab when I PT for adding resistance (weight) to a ton of exercises!


7. Pretty Athletic instant refresh shower gel and hydrating shield intensive moisturising balm. I love the Pretty Athletic skincare range and these are my two can’t live without products. I’ve begun to associate feeling better post-bike conditioning (my sweatiest session of the week) with the shower gel, it soothes me better! It smells beautiful and leaves a scent on my skin which makes me feel all clean. You also get a light exfoliate which helps to rid my skin of any sweat and grime that is there! The moisturiser is an absolute saviour, particularly when I am abroad in cold climates. I have struggled with dry skin a lot over the winter or when the weather changes and this balm not only keeps my skin smooth and hydrated whatever the weather it also smells and feels great to use.

8. Yoga with Adriene. I do enjoy a spot of yoga; especially this YouTube channel. Adriene’s mantra of find what feels good is perfect because I am usually doing yoga because I’m sore and I need to loosen off so having some freedom to wiggle is great! Her videos are relaxed, not too serious and easy to follow. I try to do some at least once a week and will usually incorporate some poses into my warm ups/cool downs during training too! If you haven’t already check her out on YouTube.

SO that’s it. My round up of essentials. It is also worth mentioning that I have on hand a support team (S+C, physio, psych, nutrition, lifestyle) that work for all the skeleton athletes I train with. They do their best to work us hard whilst keeping us in one piece and performing to our best.

So, have a gander at any of the products that take your fancy. Maybe something I’ve mentioned will help you recover, fuel or dress better for training! If you’d like a FREE 8-week lifestyle plan click here and subscribe to ‘Get Real with Kimberley’. And if you need any further advice on training for a race or training towards a health and fitness goal drop me a message on Facebook or my website! For regular tips follow me on Twitter and Instagram!