I saw this on Instagram (@kimfitbath) and instantly LOVED it! It is so so easy to focus on areas of improvement whether that be personality, looks, career etc etc but how often do you stop, take stock and actually identify things you LIKE about yourself!!? Plus it’s Valentine’s Day (or it was when I wrote this blog) so it’s the perfect excuse to spread the love! ❣

It’s great to strive to improve but I know that I am always most content when I acknowledge things I am doing well/like about myself. I mean how great does it feel to get a compliment? Why can’t you compliment yourself? I’m currently in a state of trying positive thinking and acknowledgment of small wins so this fits perfectly for me.

I’d love everyone that reads this to think of five things that you LOVE about yourself. They can be anything. Write them down, post them as a comment, tell your partner or just note them in your head. But do it, it’s time for a little self congratulation.

This is only a short blog. But here are my five things to get you started ❤️

1. I am resilient as hell and I love it. I firmly believe if you get knocked down pick yourself up, reevaluate and TRY AGAIN.
2. I love that I’m honest. Some people may call me blunt but to hell with it. I prefer to be direct and that’s that.
3. I love that I do skeleton. So few people do the sport, it’s a thrill that I am one of them.
4. I love my current situation i.e. No money, trying to live my dream. Whats life for if its not for reaching for the stars.
5. I love being tall!! I just do. And it means I have a legitimate reason to only date tall men.

There we are. It’s a little tricky I’m not going to lie.

What five things do you love about you?

Brogan, one of my teammates did her five things for me..

1. I have incredible determination and I am very driven
2. I have represented/ I am representing my country in both a summer and winter sport!
3. Having big, wild, curly hair. It’s cool that I can mix it up!
4. I can tell a story through my eyes. No words are needed a lot of the time #restingbitchface
5. I can keep up with the boys on football chat

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