Do you have questions about the KimFit Lifting Workshops? Read on as I answer your FAQ!


I don’t have lifting shoes. Do I need specialist equipment? 

Absolutely not. If you happen the have these anyway bring them along but your normal trainers will be fine and I will provide chalk for grip if needed.

I’ve never done weight training before. Do you need experience?

Nope, if this is your first time in the gym that’s brilliant – I can’t wait to show you the ropes. Just come willing to learn and work hard.

I lift weights fairly regularly. Will I learn anything new?

You sure will! I’ll take a look at your current technique and tweak anything that needs changing. We will identify areas for improvement and I will provide you with accessory lifts to work on these areas. In addition you’ll learn different varieties of each lift so you’re able to change your training up as you feel suitable. I will also tailor advice to you on how to program the lifts we will cover to suit your goals. 

I am not free on the dates the workshops are being held. Will there be more?

Possibly. The tickets are selling really well (thank you!), so I may host a couple more (probably squats and deadlifts and the glute workshop) on different days in August and September. Please let me know if this is you and when you’re available.

Can I come alone?

Of course! I am expecting most people to be coming alone so please do not let that put you off. We’ll all work together through the morning so you will feel part of the team.

I’d like to attend all three. Is there a discount available?

Tickets are very limited at this point however if this is you please get in touch with me at ASAP and I will see what I can do. I wanted to sell a bundle ticket but it didn’t work out well on the platform but we can sort it manually.

I don’t think I am very strong. Will we be lifting heavy weights?

Not necessarily. We will begin most lifts at bodyweight and progress from there. It may be you end up with some weight on the bar or maybe not. There is no fixed weight goals and I will tailor each workshop to your rate of progression. Learning the correct technique and a variety of lifts is the focus of the workshops rather than putting loads of weight on the bar – that’s down to you in training.

Will I be very sore the next day?

In all honesty, possibly. If this is the first time performing resistance training you will more than likely experience delayed onset muscle soreness. (DOMS). Whilst it will feel uncomfortable, this is nothing to worry about and will lessen over a couple of days or with some active recovery.

I have an injury. Will this prevent me attending?

Whilst we may be able to work around some injuries this will have to be determined in a case by case basis so please get in touch with my at ASAP. 

If there is anything I’ve missed please ask! No such thing as a silly question…Or if you’re ready to buy click the relevant workshop below to go to the ticket page.

Squat and Deadlift


Olympic Lifting