FAQ: KimFit Lifting Workshops

Do you have questions about the KimFit Lifting Workshops? Read on as I answer your FAQ!   I don’t have lifting shoes. Do I need specialist equipment?  Absolutely not. If you happen the have these anyway bring them along but your normal trainers will be fine and I will provide chalk for grip if needed. I’ve never done weight training before. Do you need experience? Nope, if this is your first time in the gym that’s brilliant – I can’t…

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Personal training

Seven reasons why you should utilise fitness professionals in real life

Hiring a PT, attending a workshop, going to a class, investing in a coach or going to a talk can enhance the effectiveness of your training. Here are seven reasons why I would recommend utilising fitness professionals. Focus The fitness world is vast and knowing where to place your efforts can be daunting. A professional can help focus your energy into the most beneficial type of training for your goals and preferences. They will also help determine the frequency and…

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KimFit is a personal training and online coaching business. Kim also works on a consultancy basis delivering sport science education, physiology support and public speaking.

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