Personal Training with Kim

strength workouts

KimFit personal training is a professional service dedicated to supporting you towards your goals. My goal is to take you on a journey and have you love training as much as I do; sessions are fun and I’ll keep it real. No fads here; just honest, hard work.

I will tailor each session to your goals using a mixture of exercises involving various pieces of equipment. Sessions will be specific and progressive in order to maximise progress. I work out of Stanza Fitness in Bath as a personal trainer; a brilliantly equipped and friendly gym.

All Packages Include:
  • Initial consultation to firm up your goals and provide me a detailed training history (30 mins)
  • Fully planned and tailored, supervised training sessions, including warm-up, prep work and cool-down
  • Personalised training plan for supplementary work, delivered to you via a free application on your mobile phone (up to two additional sessions a week)
  • Video demonstrations of all exercises to help you stay on track with technique
  • Progress tracker so you can see your progress and I can help keep you on track
  • Weekly coach connection to check in and ‘ask the coach’

Packages and Investment:

If you’d like to work with me click here to book in to my diary for a chat.

121 PT (45 min)

Gold – 8 x 45 min sessions per month £309

Silver – 4 x 45 min sessions per month £169

PAYG = £50 (45 min)