Five signs you’ve found the right exercise class for you

Whether you’re a runner, HIIT lover, or yogi, finding the right exercise class can be game changing for your health and fitness. 

Here’s how to tell if you’ve found the ‘one’.

1. You look forward to it

Waking up excited to exercise or looking forward to finishing work so that you can get to your virtual class is a sign you’re on the right track. Work out what you need. Is it community, fresh air or maybe a great playlist?

2. It makes exercise fun

There are enough different types of exercise and physical activity to find one that is fun for you. Hate running? You don’t have to do it to get fit. Be led by what you enjoy and you’ll never dread exercise again.

3. Your instructor makes you feel supported

Seek out the type of instructor that makes you feel good and encourages you. We’re all different and we all respond to different types of instruction. Find what works for you, shop around!

4. It helps you move closer to your goals

You are more likely to stick with something if it works. When researching different options, be sure to check that the exercise does what you want it to do. For example, HIIT classes won’t get you as strong as resistance training and yoga won’t get you fit.

5. You feel like you fit in

Feeling like you belong somewhere, whether as part of a Facebook group, run club or online membership and having your needs accommodated for is extremely powerful. Find somewhere you feel like you fit in and exercise can become a social activity, as well as a means to live a healthy life.

It’s not about a particular class, exercise type or instructor being superior. What matters is that YOU enjoy it. Because enjoyment leads to consistency; and that matters the most.

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