Want to PB in your next race?


Strength and Run Training Packages


Would you like to run faster, have more variation in your training AND reduce the risk of injury?

Strength training is vital for runners and involves mobility and resistance training designed to support the body to cope with the high loads of running. No-one likes to work on their weakness but doing so will supercharge your run times without having to add lots of miles.

Concurrent training is when both strength and endurance sessions are catered for in a balanced way, so as not to interfere with one another. I understand that it can be hard to know when to lift and when to run; this is where my physiology background comes in. I will combine evidence-based practise with knowledge of your life and commitments and put together a tailored plan which combines strength and run training just for you.

I offer 121 and remote training options; depending on your location.

In line with govt. COVID guidance I am currently offering online training only. 


All packages will include:

  • Initial consultation to firm up your goals and provide me a detailed training history (30 mins)
  • Personalised training plan delivered to you via a free application on your mobile phone (up to five sessions a week)
  • Fully planned training sessions, including warm-up, prep work and cool-down
  • Video demonstrations of all strength exercises to help you stay on track with technique
  • Progress tracker so you can see your progress and I can help keep you on track
  • Weekly coach connection to check in and ‘ask the coach’
£99/month lockdown offer*
*minimum three months commitment

Please get in touch here, and arrange a free, no strings attached consultation.