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Post core #squad struggles!

Before I moved to Bath I trained for skeleton solo. Not because that is what I prefer but because I was on a programme that only I was doing. Since starting skeleton I gradually moved away from training with my lovely jumps group in Edinburgh simply because we weren’t doing the same work or even structure anymore and I missed it a lot.

My training group were split up across the country; all of us still living at home when we weren’t abroad training. I was working full-time (often more due to the nature of athlete support) and training on top of this. There were PLENTY of days that I simply couldn’t be bothered (I even wrote a blog on it) but I still went. I still went because it aligned with my goals and to not go would be wasting a chance to move towards them.

But, what if you’re career isn’t professional sport? A massive game changer for me has been moving to Bath and training with the rest of the programme athletes and having support staff and coaches readily available.  I recognise that some days the motivation just isn’t there. You just want to lie on your bed and scroll through Twitter, or you don’t want to get up early because something has come up in the evening. So I recommend that you find a #squad.

By #squad I mean think through your friends/colleagues/family and ask if anyone is interested in joining the gym/going to spin/hill walking/tennis/dance/pilates etc. etc. Having a training partner, or partners makes a huge difference!! And if you’re drawing a blank and its general fitness you want then I’d strongly recommend seeking out a personal training (PT); as they can have a similar effect on your motivation AND you get the added benefit of knowing you’re being looked after by a professional!

Benefits of finding your #squad

  • You’re far more likely to turn up if you know someone is waiting for and relying on you = Less missed workouts!
  • No one likes walking into a room solo. You’ll feel much more comfortable if you’ve got a buddy to walk in with and chat/laugh to.
  • Better results. Working out with others will bring out your inner competitiveness which equals a harder workout for you both! Similarly, if you’re having an off day they can encourage you and help you out of it! No more half arsing it!
  • Improved relationships. My #squad includes some of my best friends. Having a shared goal and experiences will bring you closer as friends!
  • Fun!! Training doesn’t have to be serious. I laugh everyday at training. Having a training buddy means the focus isn’t entirely on you and whatever you may be doing; it’s a chance to catch up (in rest periods) and laugh if you get it wrong instead of being embarrassed.

So get out the address book (yes I have one), and assemble your #squad! KimFit offers buddy PT for pairs or groups who want to train together (saves you money too). And if you know people not doing ‘Get Real with Kimberley’ then invite them to work out with you tomorrow. There’s no excuse not to get your pals/sister/children together in front of the laptop for a workout!

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Post-core #squad struggles!