Get to know me better, courtesy of James, my boyfriend! I’ve added notes in italics! 

1. Kims school nickname was “Toot”…maybe best not to ask.

Charlotte, Emma, Lauren… there is no need to comment.

2. Kim is a marmite fiend.

I take marmite away with me on circuit over the winter. #failtopreparepreparetofail

3. Kim knows all the dance routines to the S Club 7 hits.

And what… 

4. Despite being sporty, Kim does not deem Sports Direct as an acceptable outlet for male fashion.

Nor is Lonsdale an acceptable brand for trainers (or anything really).

5. Kim is missing a ligament in one of her ankles. Guess which one for a bonus point!

This is true, and I only found out last year. Apparently it’s common …

6. Kim is a massive Harry Potter fan and has a genuine HP wand.*

*Not actually magical

Today the latest book came out and it’s the first one I haven’t queued at midnight for. 

7. Despite coming from an island, Kim isn’t a strong swimmer. Thankfully there is a ferry service.

I really panic in water and prefer the pool to the sea.

8. Kim has been to Bestival  (a festival on the Isle of Wight) 10 times.

It is a month away and I’m pretty devo that I do not have a ticket for this year 🙁


My favourite place in the world.

9. Kim loves fancy dress and is well known for having a theme to her birthday party each year.

The highlight has to be my TOWIE 23rd birthday in Loughborough. I’m planning something special for 30 (gulp).


I don’t usually go out like this!

10. Kim still sleeps with a cuddly toy rabbit called Pancakes. (Technically Pancakes mk.2 after the first incarnation was sprayed by cats).

She is literally my favourite! She travels the world with me! 


Pancakes (left) and Monkey (right). Monkey belongs to Maddy!