Want to work on your health but don’t know where to start? Put down the juice cleanse book, stop scrolling Insta and just try to consistently tick off a few of the suggested changes below. It’s a marathon not a sprint, and the best thing you can do now is start to form lifelong, simple but effective habits. Then build, build, build to your heart’s desire!

Suggested Changes

Move more. Get up and take breaks if your job involves a lot of sitting. You can set an alarm for a reminder.

Sleep longer. Aim for 7-8 hours a night. The ‘best’ hours are the ones before midnight. Gradually adjust your bedtime by 5-10 min per evening until you’re hitting the target. Struggle to sleep? Put your phone on charge an hour before bedtime and don’t touch it till after breakfast the next day.

Eat fresh. Cook with fresh veg and meat. Make your own sauces. You won’t go far wrong.

Stairs. Take them. Every time!

Food prep. You don’t have to go full bodybuilder on this but by making a packed lunch (even if it is not every day) you’ll ensure you’re eating fresh and wholesome. Even just bringing in snacks so you can say ‘no’ to office cake/biscuits will make a difference.

Meditate. Being mindful; staying in the present does wonders for our wellness. Try apps such as Calm or Headspace and aim for 10 min a day.

Steps. Get walking! Could you walk the kids to school rather than drive? What about work? How about swapping your brunch with a friend for a walk together?

Active hobby. If you’re looking for a new hobby why not find one that involves you being active, like dog walking or yoga?

Socialise. Chat, catch up, gossip, share hobbies. Spending time with friends/family makes us feel good. So, try and incorporate it into your weekly schedule.

Eat the rainbow. Aim for a colourful plate. Lots of colour = lots of nutrients.

Snack swap. Trying to cut calories? Make simple swaps. E.g. full-fat cheese to low-fat, whole bagel to bagel thins, crisps for popcorn.

Drink less alcohol. If you drink in response to stress try to meditate instead. See how you feel afterwards.

Say no. To people/events/commitments that you don’t want to do. It is okay to look out for yourself.

Empower. Support others and recognise hard work. It’ll make you feel good and is likely to be reciprocated.

Be optimistic. Try and see the best in every situation rather than the worst. Moaning gets us nowhere and doesn’t make us feel good.

Time management. Plan your week in advance. I like to do this on a Sunday afternoon/evening. Allow more time than you think you might need for tasks and be realistic. Schedule in family/friends/me-time.

Self-care/you-time. What helps you relax and unwind? A bath, meditation, a good book, , Netflix, yoga, a beer in the pub? Make this happen. Don’t scrimp on yourself.

Drink more water. A hydrated body is a happy body. Buy a reusable bottle (about 1L) and aim to drink a whole bottle before lunch and then another by the end of the day. Experiment with fruit infused water if you’re not a fan of plain.

Let me know which two or three you pick! Try and stick with it for three weeks; hopefully it will have become a habit! Good luck.