Determining which training you should be doing can be a confusing process. When the end goal is a running performance it seems logical that a good place to start is with running. But you should also be doing training other than running. Strength and conditioning incorporates a vast array of practises and isn’t just for power athletes.

Eleven reasons why strength and conditioning training can benefit your running performance

  1. It breaks up the monotony of training. Different types of sessions will keep you interested and break up the tedium of training, ensuring your motivation remains high.
  2. Strength training aids injury prevention. Who doesn’t want less injuries?
  3. Learning about and incorporating effective warm ups will mean your training runs are higher quality.
  4. Race performances will benefit too, as you’ll have sufficiently prepared the body for the onset of running.
  5. Running drills will improve technique leading to fewer injuries
  6. And faster times.
  7. Low level plyometric training increases run economy (oxygen cost of running), a vital marker of endurance performance.
  8. It is what elite endurance athletes do. If it’s good enough for them, it is good enough for us.
  9. Recovery is key. Learning how to keep your body mobile will help prevent injuries and improve performance.
  10. Strength training means you will run faster and stronger. Legs will have the power to attack hills and cope with bursts of pace.
  11. A strong pillar (hips to shoulders) will create a robust frame for your legs and arms to work off meaning less wasted energy.

If you want to access all these benefits then get in touch to discuss RunFit, personal training for runners. Still unsure? Ask yourself how often you feel niggles, or get injured and how that impacts the running you’re able to do. Would you like to be able to prevent injuries and run more economically? If so, RunFit can help.

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