Are you always finding one excuse or another when it comes to working out? No more excuses! KimFit is here to help you on your way to a healthier, happier life.

I don’t have time / My favourite show is on / Too much work or school

KimFit says: Make time. Working out can be incorporated into your daily life. Take the stairs instead of the lift, leave the car behind and walk. If you value your health (and you absolutely should) exercising in some form should be a priority. Become more efficient at other things to find time.  Workouts can be performed at home, in about 15 minutes. Aim for 3-4 short workouts a week and supplement with incidental physical activity (walking, gardening, playing).

I don’t know what I am doing / I feel embarrassed

KimFit says: It’s okay! Start with doing something you enjoy; working out doesn’t need to involve the gym, it should be fun. Still stuck? Enlist a professional to help you get started. And remember, everyone starts somewhere. Hold your head high because you’ve decided to do something about it!

I’m tired

KimFit says: The more reason to exercise. Exercise will banish lethargy and energise you. The saying ‘you’ll never regret a workout’ is true. You feel great after a good workout.  It will also tire you out and may help you sleep better if poor sleep is to blame. 

I’m sore

KimFit says: Gentle exercise (known as active recovery) is one of the best ways to get rid of sore muscles. You’ll feel pretty stiff to begin with but as the blood starts pumping and you warm up you’ll soon forget and your body will thank you the next day too. A gentle swim, a brisk walk, easy jog or some yoga would be ideal for soothing a sore body.


I don’t want to go out in that weather

KimFit says: Man up. Unless it is a health and safety risk then a little bit of water won’t hurt you. If you really can’t face it (or it’s a hurricane) find an alternative. Use your gym membership or make some space in the front room and do a home workout off YouTube (there’s a KimFit channel!).

Gym is too expensive

KimFit says: I agree. Gyms can be expensive but again it comes down to what is important to you. Some gyms offer off peak memberships which are cheaper; maybe you can cut down in other areas to afford it. If not, then many forms of exercise are free. Running for instance is free; so is walking and SO IS YOUTUBE!!! We live in a fantastic time where you can now train via the internet. Whether it is by signing up to an online guided exercise programme (coming soon from KimFIt) or by going it alone and using freely available videos. With very little cost you can create an at home gym; investing in a few pieces of equipment (TKMaxx and Sports Direct are pretty cheap).


It’s too late/No point starting now

KimFit says: It is NEVER too late. Your health can always be improved regardless of age with a good intervention. Give it a try; you’ll be surprised how quickly you feel better; body and mind!

It’s easier to lose weight by dieting

KimFit says: Arghhhh this one drives me mad. Health isn’t a dress size or a BMI; it is the absence of disease. And a calorie restrictive diet may not fulfil your bodies needs to function fully, potentially compromising your immune function. Exercise however, is known to protect against disease. A lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise will result in a healthy person far more than either in isolation. Plus, increasing your energy expenditure via exercise means you can eat more YAY! Way more fun, no one likes to diet.

I don’t want to get bulky

KimFit says: Exercise does not make you bulky! This is a myth. The correct programme and nutrition can ensure that you look toned and not bulky if this is what you desire. You don’t even have to lift weights; get in a pool, go dancing, hike up a hill! And remember, biceps > bingo wings. Seek advice from a professional if you’re really apprehensive.

I’m too slow / I’m too big

KimFit says: With that attitude you’ll never get faster/smaller. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the more ‘unfit’ you are the quicker you’ll see results and change in what you’re able to do! Hold your head high and be proud that you’ve made the first step. Push yourself a little every session and you’ll get results in no time.

I have a headache

KimFit says: Fresh air and some fluid can do wonders for a sore head. No need to do anything to high-intensity if you’re head is pounding but a gentle walk or some yoga may relax you and some me time is always good if you’re not feeling at your best. Just remember your sunnies if it is sunny and your head is sore. By fulfilling your intention to exercise even if the session is adapted you’re maintaining the habit which means you keep the momentum going.

I don’t want to go by myself

KimFit says: A great tip for sticking to an exercise regime is to go with a friend. You’ll be accountable to someone else which helps you keep the appointment and you will feel more confident having someone by your side. Just make sure you find someone who likes what you like else you’ll be dragging them along against their will and may end up by yourself anyway!!

It makes me smell bad

KimFit says: Fresh sweat rarely smells. A shower and a change of clothes post workout will ensure you are smelling fresh after your workout. Clean clothes for every workout will also make sure that you smell good during the workout too; smells are often caused from dried sweat on unwashed clothes.  

I’m not inspired right now

KimFit says: Give it five days, until the Rio Olympics starts. I challenge you not to be inspired!


Too hot

KimFit says: Heat is not a reason not to exercise, your muscles love the heat! It is wise however to back off the intensity, seek shade and drink more than usual before, during and afterwards to prevent dehydration. Heat increases the physiological strain of exercise on the body; but with a few careful measures you can still have a great workout!

I have an injury

KimFit says: Seek advice from a physiotherapist about what you CAN do and try that instead. You can also set yourself the challenge of being able to everything pain free with a return to training programme. A physiotherapist or PT should be able to advise you on this!

I am too distracted to workout today

KimFit says: Exercise is a fantastic stress buster! Use it to take your mind off distractions or as a time when you can work it all out on the go. Being able to switch off is a skill and exercise can be a great facilitator to this. By putting distractions aside you’ll also avoid the ‘I haven’t trained guilt’ which would no doubt have added to your stress.

And there are probably many more! The moral of this post is that if you value your health (and we all should) you can always find a way to workout that suits you. Be brave, you’ll thank yourself!

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