What to expect (and what not to) from Run Strong: Home workouts for runners

Run Strong is a membership plan offering home-based strength workouts for runners. This is a class-based plan delivered live via Zoom which runs in four-week blocks. There are two classes a week; both include a warmup or movement prep as well as detailed instruction on each exercise. It is important to me that only people who are suited join us; I’d always tell you if it’s not right for you. Below is what you can (and cannot) expect from the membership:

What to expect…

  • Two live classes a week via Zoom. Classes are home-based strength workouts streamed live Thursday’s at 7pm and Sunday’s at 9:30am, lasting 45 minutes; I’ll be online 5 minutes beforehand to say hi! 
  • An appropriate warm up at the beginning of the class to mobilise the joints and prepare the muscles for work. I NEVER train without a proper warm up and you shouldn’t either. 
  • Low impact, equipment free, strength-based workouts designed for runners. Classes will require a mat and maybe a chair and no other equipment. The focus is building strength so movements will be controlled and even tempo. Your knees will thank you!
  • Scaling options for every exercise. I will offer easier and harder versions for all moves so that you never feel left behind or that you aren’t working hard enough. 
  • Detailed instruction on each exercise and cues throughout the workout. Form is king, and I will teach you how to check in with yours during each exercise. 
  • Progressive workouts designed to challenge you. Over the four-week block the workouts will become more difficult to apply the principle of progressive overload. You will still be able to progress at your own pace; I will offer options to suit everyone. 
  • That classes will overrun slightly! My time keeping isn’t great and I always plan more than I have time for because there is SO MUCH I want to show you! We may (will) overrun by five or so minutes at most.
  • An engaged Facebook community. All members will be invited to join the Run Strong Facebook group and encouraged to share their experiences and support one another. 
  • A friendly environment – I am not a shouter! This isn’t bootcamp, I will encourage you all day long but no shouting. I want you to enjoy the classes and not feel stressed about attending for fear you’ll be singled out. 
  • Ongoing support via Facebook group. I am in the Facebook group every day responding to questions from members. Ask me anything! 
  • Education. I will always endeavour to explain the why behind what we are doing. I want you to establish life-long habits and keep this up way beyond Run Strong. I think the best way to encourage this is to educate you along the way.
  • On demand catch up service. All classes will be available to replay via a link in the group. I understand that life happens, and you may not be able to make every class. This is no problem; you can catch up in your own time.
Slow step down

What not to expect…

  • A sweat fest. Whilst you will sweat a little you won’t finish sessions dead on your back dripping in sweat. This is because strength training requires recovery time to allow your body to maintain form and efficiency of movement. 
  • To be pushed beyond your capabilities. The exercises will be challenging but they are unlikely to test your limits. It would be unsafe for me ask you to do so when I am not there in person to guide you.
  • Completely different workouts every week. In order to apply the principle of progressive overload there must be some consistency with exercise selection. For this reason, workouts won’t be entirely distinct from one another. 
  • Individualised feedback in every session. It is unfeasible for me to teach a class and also give everyone feedback over the course of a session. Instead I will deliver clear and understandable verbal cues throughout for you to check your own technique.
  • Workouts that require equipment. I appreciate that not everyone has fitness equipment at home and for this reason all of the Run Strong workouts will be focussed on using bodyweight only.
  • Jazzy exercises. We will stick to fundamental movement patterns that relate to running rather than getting preoccupied with random exercises. 
  • Running! These workouts are designed to help you become a stronger runner, but they will not contain running. We are focussing on supplementary work that trains you for the sport of running.
  • To be pushed too hard too soon. You are in charge of your workout. I say at the start of every class that it is everybody’s responsibility to use their best judgement regarding which options to take. I will never dictate what you should do; take your time.
  • A cool down. Unfortunately, there is not time in 45 minutes for a cool down at the end of the workout. Instead I provide a selection of stretches on the Facebook group for you to choose from and perform in your own time.
  • Instant improvements. Anything worth having takes time (or something like that!). Just like when you started running, you won’t see improvements after one workout. However, consistent and deliberate practise will pay off. Current members are reporting that they’re feeling the benefits after two weeks, so be patient! 

I hope this blog has been useful. If you’re a runner and would like to join the Run Strong membership, please click the button below. The next block of home workouts for runners starts on Thursday 12th November, I’d love to see you there!

If you’re still not convinced why not try a taster class. You can find one below: