How To: Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Class Or Membership

How many of you have started attended a ‘virtual class’ over lockdown?

Having jumped on this trend too, I have to admit I love the accessibility and ease of the virtual environment. There is no travel time, I can work with people who live all over the world and, despite it being virtual, it still provides a sense of connection and community. And I say this as a provider, and a consumer.

Through KimFit, I have a membership for runners called Run Strong. It provides home workouts designed to build a stronger, less injury prone runner. We get together via Zoom on a Thursday evening and Sunday morning and I take members through two 45-minute sessions of mobility and strength work specifically designed with runners in mind. It costs £30 for four weeks of classes; eight in total.

What Members Say About Virtual Classes

Conscious of whether the virtual model was sustainable I asked my members how they were finding it. What they said surprised me. 

Some people acknowledged that they wouldn’t do this sort of supplementary work for their running without the class. 

“I’ve loved it, I know I would never have prioritised getting myself to an equivalent class despite knowing I need to but being able to Zoom is great.”

Kathleen, Run Strong member

Other people don’t live near a gym or prefer not to have the hassle of travel and parking.

“[There is] no stress of travel (& parking!) Ready to go as soon as we sign in.”

Anon, Run Strong member

And the comments that made me the proudest were the ones which said it felt like a 121 session. 

“I pin you and focus entirely on your demonstrations throughout, it feels like a one to one.”

Michelle, Run Strong member

“Your demonstrations are clear, and it absolutely feels like we are being coached.”

Kathleen, Run Strong member

Because of these positive comments I intend to keep an element of virtual teaching in my business as we return to normal. Maybe you’re considering sticking with a virtual class too. 

Here are five top tips for getting the most out of a virtual class or membership

  1. Prepare in advance. Have the class in your calendar and the link ready. Just like you’d know where the studio was in real life, make sure you’ve got the tech in place for virtual classes. 
  2. Join and engage with private Facebook groups linked to your membership to get the most out of your instructor and community. It’s a chance to ask all those questions you have about your training. 
  3. Arrive early. Just like you would in a normal class. This allows you to check in with the instructor and settle in. I love seeing and chatting to members in the few minutes before class.
  4. Create a workout space in your home. Check if there is anything you need for the class (I almost always use a chair in mine) and set up accordingly. Find a spot with space to move and no distractions.
  5. Pin the instructor. You want to be able to see as much as possible right? Although most classes mute participants sometimes the screen can flick around and you lose sight of the instructor. Avoid missing out on important demo’s by pinning the instructor’s video in Zoom (or whichever platform you’re using). 

As lockdown eases, I hope we hold on to the cherished ‘one hour of exercise a day’ that has kept so many of us sane. Can we live life in a slower lane, prioritising our health and wellbeing and still return to some sort of normality?

If time is our most precious commodity then sticking to your virtual workouts might be a win win. If you’ve put in the hard work to build a habit over the past three months, don’t stop now and let it go to waste.

There is really no need to get ‘back to normal’; if normal meant tired, stressed and frantic. Before you dive back in, think about what habits you want to retain from lockdown. I’d highly recommend making daily exercise one of them.

If you want to know more about my Run Strong membership click here.