Hiring a PT, attending a workshop, going to a class, investing in a coach or going to a talk can enhance the effectiveness of your training. Here are seven reasons why I would recommend utilising fitness professionals.

  1. Focus

The fitness world is vast and knowing where to place your efforts can be daunting. A professional can help focus your energy into the most beneficial type of training for your goals and preferences. They will also help determine the frequency and intensity of workouts so that each one is maximised.

2. Accountability

One of the most common bits of advice regarding adherence to exercise (or anything really) is to involve someone else to hold you accountable i.e. make sure you stick at it. Signing up to a workshop for example increases the likelihood of improving whatever it is you’re trying to do e.g. lifting weights. 

3. Expert eye

Improvements in form or technique often lead to improvements in performance of that skill. Poor technique can lead to injury and time out from training altogether. It can be difficult to check your technique when it is just you, and a friend may not quite know what they’re looking for. A professional will ensure you’re moving in a safe way, as well as suggesting regressions, progressions, cues and drills that will improve it. 

4. Individualisation

Hiring a trainer or attending a course or class in real life means you get two-way interaction. The content of your session or the feedback you receive will be tailored to your needs and aspirations. Fitness professionals will tailor the session to you so you work at your own rate independent of those around you. 

5. Quicker progression

Having an expert on hand to support you in your training (even on a one-off basis) increases the chance of working out what is holding you back e.g. technique, mobility, programme structure, lack of recovery. Once this is identified you can work together to find a solution to get you making progress again. Training independently can often lead to stagnation as you’re not being pushed or your programme isn’t keeping up with you (or the other way round). Having someone on hand to check in can be really helpful to get more out of training. 

6. Improved confidence 

Being observed and coached improves your confidence as you become more skilled at performing the skill via their expert feedback. This in turn allows you to feel more at home in the environment, worrying less about what others are thinking and pushing yourself harder instead. 

7. Increase your own knowledge 

Working with a fitness professional is a chance to learn more about the type of exercise you’re doing. Absorb information like a sponge and implement it into your training to increase the quality.  No more going through the motions in the gym. Knowledge is power, knowing why you’re doing something is empowering and will give you added motivation in your training.

I am a fitness professional and I have a strength and conditioning coach for my own physical training. Knowing that an expert is programming my training gives me massive confidence in the plan and means I give it my all every day. I also value the expert eye when lifting as correct technique is important to maximise my lifting and also to minimise the risk of injury, which as an elite athlete I want to avoid at all costs!

The KimFit Lifting Workshop series is coming very soon to Bath! If you would like professional coaching to improve your weightlifting technique please register interest here https://mailchi.mp/030b51c75e7b/kimfitworkshop. It will deliver on all of the above benefits I assure you! Keep your eyes peeled for further details.

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